Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Steampunk Wedding Dress

One of my favorite cousins is renewing her wedding vows. We spent the weekend designing and draping a Steampunk wedding dress in her favorite color (purple), using my fabric stash.  Here's what we designed. Please don't make fun of my PhotoShopping skills!

Draping different materials on my fitting mannequin to see if we like them.

Draping  different styles on the patient bride.We tried about 4 different styles and this is our favorite.

This is our first fitting.  I made the jacket lining to see if she liked the style.  We draped the purple fabric over it so so she could see if she liked the color.  We chose a different lace for the cuff.

 We like it, but the skirt needs some ruffles on the sides to give it more oomph!
 We also wanted to give the bustle a lot more fluff, so I tried stuffing some tulle in the back.  This really tickled our funnybone!
The vow renewal ceremony is in April.  Check back for the final pictures then!