Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steampunk Wedding Photos!

You asked for them, you got them!  It was a BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding!

The little ring bearer loved her custom designed dress that coordinated with the bride.

The groom was so emotional and obviously in love (he almost seemed nervous about whether on not the bride was going to say "I do," made you forget this was a vow renewal!).  I designed his vest and coat with tails.  I also made a matching vest for the best man.  I was informed that the 13yo best man was not allowed to wear his kilt "traditionally," as there were many young children present.  :)

Exchanging of the rings.  Love their hats!  I wish I could get a shot of the bride showing the bustle. If I get a better picture I'll update.

 Beautiful exchange with Unity Sand symbolizing the joining of the whole family.

Mr and Mrs!

The reception look - bustled slip removed and drawstrings let down on the back of the skirt and jacket.
The shot on the right looks a little off, because I cropped out some party guests as I didn't have their permission to be included.

Congratulations Susanna and Brien!

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