Friday, March 15, 2013

Steampunk Final Fittings

  Here's the lovely ladies at their final fitting.  Can't wait to see them all done up at the wedding!

This bustle is stuffed with polyfil like a pillow!

The dress is designed so that the long bustled skirt can be removed.  Then the dress can be worn again as a fun short costume. 

Inside the back of the skirt and jacket is a ribbon that can be drawn up and tied so the underskirt with the bustle shows.  When not being worn with the bustled slip the jacket and dress skirts are pulled down (pressed!) and worn long.

Ribbon is pulled and secured under flap for bustle
Corseted back


  1. The flower-girl outfit is adorable! And I love how the bustle jacket works - the ribbon pull system creates such a nice drape, but being able to flatten it out for pressing is very practical. How does the jacket stay snug to the body at the front opening? Are there hook and eyes?

  2. The jacket stays snug to the body because it had a short 1/2" wide strap across the bodice that hooked with a hook and eye. If you look at the first image you can see the strap (which is at an angle because it hasn't been properly placed yet) just below the bust and above the corset/ waist cincher. It's properly placed in the second photo so it's almost invisible.

    Thanks for the compliments! I love the way the ribbon pull system worked out, because she planned to wear the jacket and skirt ungathered when she wore the dress without the long bustled underskirt.


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