Friday, December 7, 2012

Tote bags for Trauma Mamas!

Hummingbird Tote:  This pretty little tote bag was designed for a Secret Santa project.  The receiver of the gift likes Cloisonné, the colors blue and green, and hummingbirds.  The sturdy little bag is made with fabric scraps in a variety of textures, appliqued with a satin stitch onto a blue and green checked base.  It can be used as a reusable grocery bag or a purse.  
 The flowers are fussy cut from a bold print and appliqued to the bag.

Check out the hidden outside pocket!  Great for keys or a cell phone.  It also has a tab with a key chain ring to which has been attached a carabiner for keys.

The blue wings and tail of this bird are made from a gold edged trim that is left loose so it can overlap the pocket.

Messenger Bag with Bling:  This fun bag can be used to carry school books or just about anything else!  The young teen birthday girl was reported to "hate pink and like Bling!"  (Unfortunately, due to poor quality of the photographs, the majority of the glittery details are not apparent).
Messenger bag
This mixed-media bag is comprised of an eclectic blend of textures and patterns appliqued with a variety of stitches and sparkly threads.  Adjustable straps tie securely  to D rings attached to the top of the bag,  The front and back of the bag are distinctly different so the bag can reflect different outfits and moods.
Please note that you can choose whatever theme you wish for your bag. The poorly PhotoShopped image below has a Wonder Woman theme including a "magic lasso handle" and machine embroidered Wonder Woman quote.  "All Women can do WONDERS if put to the test." - Wonder Woman

Winner of the BeTA silent auction and more bags can be found here.
Purchase:  If you're interested in purchasing a custom tote or bag, please leave a message on this post -
your e-mail / contact info will not be published  
20% of your purchase of a custom-designed tote or bag will be donated to BeTA 
- a support organization for parents and caregivers of children who have experienced early trauma and have attachment issues.  They offer scholarships to an amazing annual retreat and  provide continual support to women by organizing regional meetings, networking, and education. 

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