Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slender, Tall, and Curvy

This 16 year old girl is 6ft tall and slender but busty and has hips - an elongated hourglass shape.   
She wanted a fun, modest dress that flattered her figure. 

Fitted dresses were unflattering because they weren't small enough in the ribs/ waist and emphasized her hips.  The current style of full skirted micro minis did not look proportional with her long legs.  Shoulder straps were required so she could wear a bra..

For her we chose a pretty cream-colored dress with a handkerchief hem.  It is very fitted in the ribs and waist area showing off this slender area, but loose in the hips.  It was made in a sheer cream colored chiffon, with the body fully lined, but the handkerchiefs left sheer to give it a hint of the popular short lengths.
Here is the sketch.  The handkerchief hem is modified from a vintage pattern I brought home from Switzerland. 

The final version!  She loved it and it was fun to twirl in, although maybe not in 6 inch heels!

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  1. Again.... so beautiful. Customizing really makes a big difference. I will keep you in mind.


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