Friday, February 22, 2013

Steampunk Wedding continued - Wedding Party

On the left is the jacket that the groom has chosen.  I thought it was ironic that the pattern I found was also in green!  The bride has agreed to him wearing his favorite color, green, for the jacket, but doesn't want him to look like a leprechaun!  
Like the bride's dress, the jacket and vest were to be completed from my fabric stash, but I didn't have anything that looked exactly right (the bride was very concerned he'd end up looking like a leprechaun). I had a pretty soft green twill that had just a little too much white mixed in (looked like acid washed denim).  After discovering that there wasn't anything better at the fabric store, I decided to dye the green twill. My sample tests turned out great, but I was nervous about dying 3 yards of fabric, as the directions call for boiling the dye and fabric, and I was concerned there was way too much fabric to fit in my stock pot, but it worked out beautifully and I LOVE the color.  

I had a ton of dye, so I went a little crazy dying things. A white kitchen towel that was old and dingy, now perfectly matches a bathroom. A khaki skort no one liked is now a pretty olive green. Two t-shirts that had been bleached and ruined (they still look cruddy, but no worries). The best thing was this pale pink evening gown, that the girls refused to wear because they hate pink, and is now a GORGEOUS soft green. I still have a pot full of dye, and I'm looking around for something to stick in it!

Will post pictures when I'm done!

Here's what we were planning for the adorable 4 year old bridesmaid/flower girl (not pictured here).

Then I found this picture of an adorable little steampunk dress online and showed it to the bride.  We love how much the style mimics the wedding dress.

I finished it last night and will post pictures of the dress as soon as I can!

 First and only fitting!  Isn't she cute?!  I plan to shorten the skirt and move the little tabs further apart.

 Check back in April for the final looks!