Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Curves that don't quit!

This 17 year old girl has a curvy figure.  She is busty, has small hips, and almost no behind, but a significant tummy.  

During a reconnaissance trip to help her decide what kind of dress she like that flatters her curvy figure, she fell in love with a full-skirted micro mini dress covered with individually attached flowers. Flattering, but WAY too short
Dress she found in the store
Dress I chose (bow will be in the back)

For her we chose a dress with an empire waist that emphasizes her small ribs and is fuller over her waist and hips. It's the same silhouette as the dress she loved in the store (with a longer hemline of course!), but coordinates with the colors and style of the other dresses at her event.  

The dress has a wide, navy band (accenting the slimmer area under her bust).  The skirt is a cream tulle, full skirt (the same cream chiffon as her sister's dress) with a navy blue sheer chiffon overlay.  The bodice is a cream strapless top with the navy blue chiffon ruched a little heavier than the skirt. The bust is framed by wide straps made in the same fabric as the sash - hiding her bra straps. She prefers lots of "bling" so the bodice and hem of the skirt have rhinestones. 

She loves it!

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