Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Wardrobe Contest Entry

This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks. You will determine what clothing pieces you use in your wardrobe.
The 4 garments must combine (without adding additional garments) to create at least 4 "looks".

Look 1 - 
Look 2 - 
  • Blue drape top
  • Purple pants
  • Optional: (not sure if it counts since it's using the reverse of the same piece) - Purple side of the reversible jacket, unbuttoned with the lapels opened and the purple side of the reversible buttons in the top 2 buttonholes of both sides of the lapel.
Look 3 - 
Look 4 - 
  • Plaid wrap dress Reviews -
  1. Reversible jacket (Vogue 1643 view C - Modified)
  2. Blue drape top (McCall's 6563 view A) 
  3. Purple pants (Butterick 5403 view B)
  4. Plaid wrap dress (Butterick 5101 view C)

1 comment:

  1. Aha! It did come out beautifully! !!
    So different to actually see it finally finished.
    Personally I like the purple pants/Jacket combo best but it all looks wonderful.
    I get dizzy just thinking about all that work... you have my admiration!


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